Correct or alert for invalid \ illegal characters.

Charles Barest 9 years ago updated by Serge B. (Co-founder, Product Management) 8 years ago 0

It would be cool if GhostDoc Pro would warn developers of "illegal" characters within their XML comments. 


Yesterday, it took me a while to figure out that the reason GhostDoc Pro errored out on my comments was that I had several code examples that used the binary '&' (ampersand operator) and perhaps should have used the HTML code '&' instead. 

Would have been great if while parsing the 100+ lines of comments and source code examples I had typed in, GhostDoc Pro would have substituted the correct XML \ HTML codes everyplace I had an ampersand. 

I know there are other scenarios (such as <code> examples of generics) that have to be formatted differently in order for the XML to remain well formed and valid. Agin, it would be a killer tool if GhostDoc Pro could make those changes or at least alert the user to the existance of an illegal character.

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